Welcome to Karl and Marie LaFollette's Grass Roots Motor Sports site!            

1973 Triumph Stag w/ 375 hp Chevy 350 , Pirelli tires , Custom Headers  3 core radiator , new brakes , Tune up , Carb rebuild.

The  Triumph has had a carb rebuild we also have had issues with the electronic distributor and ignition . We have also taken some time to detail the vehicle to gain some concours points .


 Karl - 1971 Triumph Stag


Marie - 1991 Nissan Sentra SE

1991 Nissan Sentra SE_R Stock Motor , Cold Air Intake , Alignment , Tune Up , Rear Seat ,  Crown Air Freshener and Stereo , Custom Tint and Wrap.

The Nissan is under the direction of Gerry Diepering our friend and Chief Mechanic and Engineer . We feel confident he will Direct Marie to a great Finish at her first GRM Challenge!



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